Education, Nature and Society


What we're working on.


The SOLE project aims to bring Sugata Mitras’ Self Organized Learning Environments methodology to communities living in poverty. while simultaneously providing unrestricted internet access, in order to help close the digital gap. On one hand we develop independent research skills, and on the other, technological literacy, which is essential in this day and age.

Environmental Monitoring

We are building a low cost, open-source air quality monitor to evaluate air quality in urban areas, to be implemented in a distributed manner, via Mexico City’s public bike program, and in schools, parks, and streets, ensuring an accurate real time representation of pollution levels.An open data platform integrates all the collected information and provides it over the internet to the general public.

Open Textbook

The Open Textbook project aims to use the internet’s power of distribution to make essential college-level knowledge affordable and accessible to students in Mexico. Thus, we hope to level the playing field between students coming from privileged backgrounds and those who aren’t and erase many of the barriers keeping students from achieving their full potential.

Video Project

Our Video Project aims to make scientific knowledge accessible to a Spanish speaking audience through a series of short videos featuring a conversation with experts in their field. Motivated by the lack of quality educational content for non-English speakers on the internet, we hope to provoke an interest in science and to elevate the quality of public scientific discourse.


To foster a creative space that, through interdisciplinary projects, can use modern science and technology to face challenges in education and the intersection between nature and society.

About us

ensō is a collective of ideas.

ensō is a collective of interdisciplinary social projects focused on tackling the challenges posed by the rapid spread of technology and the unequal access to information and education in modern society.

In areas ranging from agriculture and food security, to digital literacy and open data, our workgroups strive to find solutions and implement them in an open and affordable manner.

  • Transparency

    Information management in an open and responsible way.

  • Diversity

    Promote an inclusive atmosphere amongst ensō collaborators.

  • Reciprocity

    We encourage horizontal relationships of mutual benefits between ensō and communities where we work.

Our Team

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Bruno Barrera Yever

General Director
Biology student at UNAM.
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Aline Thome Williams

Deputy Director
Biology student at UNAM, with an interest in technology’s and science potential to solve social problems.
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María José Flores Cortes

Mechatronics student at UNAM. Worked as a volunteer coordinators for Robocup 2012. Participated in Stanford’s Design Thinking course ME310 during 2014. Worked as an adviser for urbanization and services projects during 2015.
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Julián Rojo Espinosa

International Relations student, with an interest in International Law, International Organizations and Human Rights. Intern at the Mexican Consulate in Barcelona,and research assistant at Mitacs Globalink program in Ottawa.
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Abril Torres Vargas

Education Coordinator
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